Definition; 1.) In service of others. To be a servant, attendant, support.

Job Training

We help youth transitioning out of foster care and the juvenile justice system prepare for jobs in industries that offer a livable wage, a progressive wage, and a professional work environment.

Support & Resources

Having someone believe in and look out for you is sometimes all it takes. Our staff provides the support needed to succeed and the resources needed to thrive.


Employment alone does not make for a sustainable transition into adulthood. That’s why we assist youth in attaining stable housing and provide mentorship throughout their transition.

How we serve…


Job Readiness Training

Our programs help young adults understand what employers are looking for and obtain the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.


Entry Level Employment

Through our job placement services, we help our students secure great positions with employers that want to see them succeed and achieve their potential.


Career Development Support

Graduation from one of our programs is just the beginning. That’s why we work closely with employers to provide on-going support as our young adults navigate the challenges of a new job.


Continued Education

An eagerness to learn and an ever-expanding knowledge base keep our students competitive and in increasing demand.


Professional Mentorship

Success in the workplace requires preparation, but it also requires maintenance. Our mentorship program helps students stay on track after completing our job training.


Opportunities to Give Back

There’s no greater success than overcoming adversity to then help others do the same. We provide opportunities for students to stay connected and help future students succeed.

About Us

Project Diakonia is a solutions-oriented project working with professionals in the foster care system and the juvenile justice system to address gaps in services for youth transitioning into adulthood.

Creating Opportunities

Building & Construction

We partner with some of the top companies in the Building and Construction Industry, giving our students the opportunity to “earn while they learn” and acquire skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Automotive & Mechanical

The automotive industry is a great option for hands-on students, and few occupations are as in demand as automotive technicians. Advancements in technology and engineering also make this career path increasingly intriguing for many students.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Working in the service industry can be incredibly rewarding. Serving others while creating a high quality of life for oneself is exactly what some students are looking for.

Graphic & Web Design

Web design is a great option for students looking for a more creative-oriented career path in an ever-expanding industry. Students can pursue their creativity while developing a career with great opportunity for advancement.

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.”

~ Harry Golden


Advice from the accomplished

Advice from the accomplished

Hearing from people who have been there done that can be invaluable as you begin to gain steam as a young professional. Challenging times and circumstances can push someone to quit. This article isn't going to make the promise that the process will be easy, but you'll...

5 Steps to elevate your career

5 Steps to elevate your career

As if securing a job wasn't challenging enough, for some the real challenge is keeping the job and growing it into something greater. Something that offers one increased security, greater income and benefits that will enrich their quality of life. We've prepared a...

Successful habits create success people

Successful habits create success people

For young adults making the transition out of the Foster System and into adulthood, there are a few key things to keep in mind that will greatly improve the likelihood of success. Getting into a rhythm of productivity will be an essential ingredient as you get...

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